Production Process


Full quotation will be provided. This will include the following:- Tool dimension W X L X H Tool weight Tool steel Component Image Lead Time
2Customer Purchase Order
Order acknowledgement will be provided
3DFM Report (Design For Manufacture)
An initial report will be compiled which is a design review. The report includes:- Split line position Ejector pin position Gate size and position See sample report – link to sample reports
43D Mould Design
The initial tool design will be laid out in 3D. This will enable the tool to be dismantled and analysed in full before steel is cut. The tool design will be thoroughly checked with the customer and RKJ GT engineers to make sure the final design is correct before final approval. (Link to 3D images of tool design)
5Final Design Approval
Final approval will be given to the toolmaker. This is the authorisation to order steel and undertake the detailed design.
6Order Steel & 2D layout
The 2D tool drawing layout will be issued for reference. The steel for the bolster, core, cavity, sliders, etc. will be ordered. (Link to 2D drawing images)
7Detailed Design
Every component required to build the tool will be drawn in detail.
8CNC Programming
Machining cutter paths will be generated from the 3D model.
9Mould Manufacture and Weekly Progress Chart
The mould manufacturing schedule will be issued outlining the various steps involved in the machining process. See example of the schedule. Weekly updates will be provided.
10Mould Fitting
After the manufacturing process is complete, the tool will be assembled in preparation for the 1st trial.
11Prepare trial material
Some plastic material requires drying before moulding, typically 2 to 4 hours.
12T1 Tool Trial
A representative from RKJ Global Tooling will attend the tool trials to assess the mould tool,to project manage tool trials and gain final approval. See example
13Sample Inspection Report and Moulding Record
A detailed tool trial report will be compiled together with an ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report) and a Process Parameter sheet. See examples.
14Mould adjustment and development
The tool will re-trialled and corrected until final approval is achieved.
Production runs can be undertaken in China, either with material shipped from the UK or with locally sourced material.
16Parts Delivery
Parts can be sent by airfreight or sea freight.

Airfreight typically 3 to 4 days

Sea freight typically 35 days

17Mould Packing
A final pre-delivery checklist is prepared and checked by RKJ GT representative.
The moulds are sprayed with a protective coating and securely packed inside sealed foil sleeves to ensure they are adequately protected from moisture during transit. Tools are packed inside wooden crates.
Full set of tool drawings and relevant documents will be provided electronically.
18Mould Delivery
The delivery to UK can be either by air by train or sea freight. The tool price includes delivery by sea freight as standard. This includes delivery door to door inclusive of all delivery charges. e.g. transport cost within China, sea freight cost, customs charges, import duty, VAT and road transport in U.K. The ship can be tracked online. Train freight Delivery by train is available at cost. Please ask for quotation. Typically 18 days door to door Air Freight Delivery by air freight is available at cost. Please ask for quotation. Typically 35 days door to door
19After Service
We offer extensive after care service in UK:
Tool trial facility from 25 Tonne up to 800 Tonne moulding machine size
Fully equipped tool room
We will attend tool trial at customer facility if required
Spares orders
Breakdown repair
Tool maintenance
Troubleshooting and process setting advice
Project management